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Hello Great Ones,

Les Brown

My name is Les Brown and it’s a plumb pleasing pleasure as well as a privilege to have you here considering changing your life with us. I mean it – you just made a great move!

You may ask yourself after speaking around the world for 50+ years, changing lives and making mind unraveling sums of money, what would make me want to help people with financial education? Why would Les Brown care about something as seemingly insignificant as a credit score? Why would I give away thousands of dollars getting people excited about a little 3-digit number?

Well as you may know, my life has been dedicated to helping to inspire people to change. Maybe you’ve heard my stories about dreaming of buying my momma a house. Maybe you know i was duped my first time out and taken advantage of by unscrupulous and just plain negligent “professionals”.

Well what you may not know, is that these types of unscrupulous & negligent professionals are everywhere!

Now, I was able to come out of it on top because of the position I’m blessed and fortunate to be in… but many have experiences like mine and it BREAKS them.

Sometimes it’s not even an outside agent – sometimes it’s a divorce, a death, a hospital stay, a new baby…

Many are still restoring their finances and credit score (and dignity) from the “Great Recession” of 2009 and some never will!

Yes, for many of us – financial education is an area of life where we‘re often left feeling like we got old too soon and wise too late!

And as i look back on my 75 years on the planet- giving to family, friends and the less fortunate- i realize that many of the people I’ve helped were honest, honorable hardworking people. They just had NO financial literacy. They were just never taught how money and credit score works!

And what about all the entrepreneurs I’ve coached all over the nation? Many of them have NO idea how business credit works. They have NO idea that the first place you should go for a loan is RARELY the bank. They have no idea the disadvantages that come with using your personal credit while the competition is using the magic of tradelines – they just don’t know!

And here’s what else most don’t know: credit score just might be the simplest way to cure poverty!

So what i decided to do, was bring some value to NovaeMoney, a financial services company based around 3 areas I’ve served my entire life: inspiration, education and opportunity. What i like about them is the integrity of their process. They seem to realize if information alone could change people’s lives everyone would be happy, skinny and rich! So what they do is take ordinary people just like you through the entire process of repairing, restoring or building personal and/or your business credit. You don’t even have to buy envelopes and stamps. They. Do. it. All.

So come join my $1,000 credit score challenge!

Setup a free consultation below so we can help you recession proof your life… or even better, come join us and help me spread a message that can change our nation!

You have something special, you have greatness in you – that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!

– Les Brown

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